Advanced Synbiotic Digestion Plus

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Advanced formulation with both probiotics and prebiotics, 30x3g sachets

Specifically designed natural formulation containing both probiotics and prebiotics to support the entire body, with a special focus on improving digestive health and promoting a healthy skin and coat.

It will ensure optimum gut health, which in turn helps pet’s overall health. A well-balanced gut microbiome will support your pet’s developing immune system. Furthermore, our Synbiotics help with digestion of nutrients from a health well-balanced diet so your pets can grow, play and thrive. It will also help recovery from diarrhea, dehydration and intestinal dysfunction.

INGREDIENTS – Okey Doggy Synbiotics contains 5.5 Billion CFU of Probiotics, including: 3 strain probiotics ( 5.5 billions CFU ) blended with 2 natural prebiotics ( FOS & MOS ).






Key Benefits

  • Professionally formulated by Australian veterinarian.
  • Contains both probiotics and prebiotics.
  • Maintains digestion and intestinal health.
  • Assists to boost immune function, reduce allergy.
  • Supports joints and digestive health.
  • Sachet packaging to prevent moisture.
  • Free from fillers, colors and flavor enhancers.
  • Avoids palatability issues with easy-dose powder format.
  • Suitable for cats and dogs of all ages.

Why Synbiotics ?

Most probiotics products out there will only include probiotics. But for probiotics to be effective, you need prebiotics.

The idea behind Synbiotics is that the prebiotics help the probiotics survive in the intestines. This could help balance the gut bacteria, which will benefit pets’ gut health, metabolism, and immune system.

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What Are Prebiotics and Probiotics?

Just like with humans, probiotic supplements for pets are used to aid digestive health and regularity. Probiotic nutritional supplements help to regulate the good bacteria in the digestive system that works to break down food so that nutrients can be better extracted. They can also inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that can make both humans and pets sick, like E. coli.

Prebiotics are a type of fiber that the human body cannot digest. They serve as food for probiotics, which are tiny living microorganisms, including bacteria and yeast. Both prebiotics and probiotics may support helpful bacteria and other organisms in the gut.

Prebiotics and probiotics both support the body in building and maintaining a healthy colony of bacteria and other microorganisms, which supports the gut and helps digestion.

Dosage & Administration

Daily Dosage

 Small 1 Sachet 0.5 Sachet
 Medium 2 Sachets 1 Sachet
 Large 3 Sachets 1.5 Sachets

Daily Dosage

 1 Sachet 0.5 Sachet

Directions for Use:

Sprinkle powder onto food once daily at dose suggested.


Room temperature, avoid direct sunlight.

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  1. Neil

    Nice product, the fur looks much nice than before, the stomach problem has settled as well

  2. Josephine

    Great product! The packaing is really user-friendly. Coming is sachet so I don’t have to worry about the usage. Easy.

  3. Ronald Lees

    I noticed my pug has been gradually improving on his digestive issues after I started him on this supplement 3 weeks ago. My vet in Carlingford suggested I can have a try. I also got the deodorant spay. I’m happy with both products. Thank you.

  4. LUKE


  5. Josh Richards

    I like the sachet package:) Protecting probiotics from moisture


    My favorite pet healthcare product


    very good product, my dog like it

  8. Kara

    fast delivery great product


    Very convenient to use.
    I like the idea of synbiotic, great results!

  10. CHRIS

    Worked really well only in a couple of days, amazing product highly recommend~~

  11. Andy

    Highly recommend, working very well to my dog

  12. Jessy

    amazing product, highly recommend

  13. Jasper

    nice product, very convenient to use, my dog loves it

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